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Online Marketing for Small Business: Grow Your Business

Apr 23, 2016 by     No Comments    Posted under: Marketing

Online Marketing for small businesses is a great opportunity for business growth. Regardless if you’re a repair shop, a local hairdresser or a small retail store, you can greatly improve your local business by going online.

Marketing online isn’t a big mystery. But like any other marketing or advertizing activity your local business does, marketing your company on the internet¬† does require certain steps, and know-how.

If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of online marketing, consider this for a second: By 2014, 80% of all purchasing decisions will be made online.

Think about it, if you want your business to be around in 2014, you’ll need that chunk of 80% potential clients to thrive.

If your budget allows for an internet marketing company, go for it. There’s nothing better than hiring a professional internet marketing company that can come alongside your company and help you out with your online marketing strategy.

However, if you can’t afford a professional, your online marketing gets down to you doing the leg work yourself. The bad thing is that no internet marketing company will come and say “here, this is what you need to cover in your online marketing strategy.”

This is why we’ve developed a great resource: Online Marketing For Small Business: How to Grow Your Business

online marketing for small businesses

This video course will help you do the needed steps to improve your local business using the marketing opportunities available online. Any decent marketing agency uses the same steps, so can you.

So, here’s what’s inside the video set.

1. Introduction to Online Marketing

This video will quickly get you up to speed with how to have the mindset that an internet marketing company would provide for a hefty fee. Minset is everything, you’ll hear this any time you talk to a marketing agency. The video is short, and will quickly help you sketch out the online marketing strategy your business needs, without paying the large consulting fees.

2. What Local Businesses Need

Having a good grasp of your online marketing needs will go a long way when you actually start walking the walk of getting the word out on the net. This short video will help you ask the right questions and look in the right places to get the actionable answers you can use in your online marketing strategy.

3. Making SEO Friendly Websites

Start a conversation with any marketing agency and “SEO friendly websites” will eventually come up. Knowing what questions to ask or what steps to make if you opt for building your own website is very important.¬† This video will help you know what it takes for a website to be SEO friendly.

4. Google Local Business

If you never heard of Google Local, this video will greatly help you rank in local searches, which is very important for local service providers. Google Local is one of the most important steps you need to do so that your business gets more local visibility.This is often overlooked even if a marketing agency does the work for you.

5. Yahoo Business Directory

If you go with an internet marketing company, chances are you won’t be bothering with what it takes to push the online marketing strategy from idea to a fact. But as you’d rather do the leg work than spend the money, getting your business on Yahoo is a very important¬† step. This video will help you see the value of Yahoo Business Directory, and how to get on there.

6. Craigslists Ads

The last video in the series that reveals another step in fleshing out the online marketing strategy. If you go with a marketing agency you’ll quickly see results, but doing it yourself will save you money. However, you’ll have to learn what it takes to write good ads and so on. This video will help you see the value of Craigslist Ads and give you that extra nudge to get going and use the net to improve your online marketing effectiveness.

In summary, this video set covers the basics of what it takes to get your local business online fairly quickly. You’ll avoid hiring a marketing agency, so your expenses won’t sky-rocket. The video set will help you ask the right questions and make the online marketing right steps, the right way.

Remember, by 2014, 80% of every single transaction will be formed or performed online. Yet only 2% of businesses live past their fifth year. The reason for this low survival rate is lack of training. Getting this video set is a step in the right direction for you and your business future. So go ahead, invest in your business growth.Get this video set and start marketing your business online.





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