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Web Development and Marketing Coupon

Apr 23, 2016 by     No Comments    Posted under: Web Development

By 2014, over 80% of all purchasing decisions will be made on line.

Is your business ready?

Getting your business online is not fancy any more. It‘s mandatory. Using a web development service with coupons helps you stay on top of expenses and get exactly what you pay for. No fluff, no hassles.


But websites aren’t just “a place to be seen online”. Nowadays, websites are full-fledged marketing and sales platforms, and owning one can really set you apart of the competition.

If you want to have this marketing and sales platform for your business, you will need a website that is built to match your business personality, and also the personality of your visitors. It also needs to have a way for people to spread the word for you, and also a way for you to keep in touch with your clients. On top of that, your website will need to load fast, be secure, and have some automation mechanisms of letting the world know each time you post a new product or service. Further still, you’ll need a solid Content Marketing Strategy, so it’s an on going work.

WebMaxFormance.com, a web development and marketing group, can meet all these demands, and build you a great and profitable website. Here are all the processes that go into building a serious website:

  • Competition Analysis
  • Brand Persona Development
  • User Persona Development
  • Carving a Unique Value Proposition
  • Building a Site Selling Map (sales funnel construction, visitor segmentation and targeting)
  • Building a Website Platform (logo, background, navigation etc)
  • Building a Keyword List (Funnel-Specific and User Intent-specific)
  • Content Development (this is an on-going service of SEO Copywriting and Editing)
  • Graphic design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Site Performance Optimization
  • On-site Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics Integration
  • Site Security Integration
  • Automated and Manual Backup Configuration

Depending on the scope of your project and your budget, you can approach the design and development in two ways.

First, you can choose to do a one-time purchase of a minimum of 3 Development Coupons which will get you a “Best Practices”-based web development with no more than 10 web pages (about us, contact us, terms and services, and alike).

Second, if your website needs are bigger and you need more flexibility in payments, you can purchase coupons per your needs, so that you pay for each of the 16 development stages when you have the money for it. With this approach WebMaxFormance will do serious research and give you the Competitive Advantage your business needs over your competition.

Once the site is completely developed with all necessary elements, you can use these coupons for ongoing website maintenance and updating, so you get to have new text on your website that is optimized for actionable keywords.

Ongoing publishing of new web content is the fool-proof way of making sure your business benefits from your online marketing efforts. This is also known as Content Marketing approach, and is among the top strategies to increase your website’s Ranking potential on Google/Yahoo/Bing.

Whether you need the basic 3 coupons Budget pack, or your project is more serious, with any purchase you get one on one consultation via Skype, so we’ll go through any branding, development or marketing question on your heart.





Some of the clients that used this coupon to purchase Web Design, SEO and Landing Page Optimization services:


So, if you’re in a need of a successful website that will improve your business by using the internet, go ahead and get purchase your Web Development and Marketing Coupons.

Some of the questions people asked:

Q: I have an existing website with about a half dozen pages, that needs redesign and add some extra functionality like social media buttons, email signup form and a way to get some simple web traffic reporting. I don’t need any fancy stuff like ecommerce, email marketing and alike. All I want is a website that will do a good job of representing my local business online. How many coupons will suffice?

A: In this case, what you are looking for is basically a site migration to a better looking platform with added functionality. You don’t want any SEO, or any text tweaks. So, for a site migration like this usually 2 coupons will suffice.


Q: I run an e-commerce website, and need to scale things up a bit. At this stage, I have about 20+ pages that will need some text teweaking to improve scanability, and I also want to improve the Conversion Rate of product pages. I also want added functionality of email capture, social sharing, and of course, to update the look of my website. How many coupons would I need for this project?

A: eCommerce is a tough nut for evaluation. For a simple site with basic ecommerce functionality the cost will start with 3 coupons, but can be a lot more if you need more design requirements and advanced ecommerce functionality. Also, it depends on what market you’re targeting, do you have any taxation requirements, do you sell physical or digital/virtual products, do you have a Free Shipment or by-product shipment calculation, do you take other currencies, do you only take Paypal or you want to also process credit cards. The list of questions is long. For the other requirements such as improving text scanability, improving the Conversion Rate by using some Best Practices, social sharing etc. things are easier to estimate, but it still isn’t an easy thing. For a project like this, it would take 8 coupons or more. It would be best to Contact WebMaxFormance and get a precise quote.


Q: I need SEO for my website. I have about 50 pages on the site, all tightly related, but I dont seem to be getting any traffic from Google. We don’t have any SEO on the site. We don’t want any link building services at this time. How much will this cost?

A: For a website that is tightly focused on a single niche and has over 50 pages an on-site SEO we’ll need to do first analyze the existing text, see traffic patterns on the site and of course, do an extensive keyword research. Once the research phase is over, we’ll need to rework the text to increase scanability and also properly mark keywords you want to rank for. All in all, such a service would require about 8 coupons. It would be best to Contact WebMaxFormance and get a precise quote.




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