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How To Learn PHP Video Training Course For Beginners

Apr 23, 2016 by     No Comments    Posted under: Web Development

How to learn PHP, this is the question more and more people should be asking because the world is unstobably moving toward larger online integration, and PHP is the programming language that powers probably 80% of the websites.

There are tons of training materials that can help you learn PHP, but it’s very easy to get lost in all the details and nuances of PHP syngax.It is very difficult to find a PHP video training pack that will get you through all the key PHP coding concepts so that you can build a PHP powered websites fast.

Most of the web development tutorials are overly technical and assume you already know PHP. But if you are starting up and need a PHP training material you will need a web development training pack that actually looks at PHP and MySQL from a pragmatic “learn as you build” approach. The best way to learn PHP and MySQL is to actually start your web project today, and have the platform done by the evening.

This PHP tutorial is a pragmatic, “learn as you build” training material that will help you get started quick and get to a working website within hours. This is a set of 15 videos focused on PHP, and three videos go the extra mile of showing you how to build your first content management system with PHP.



Video 1: Quick Overview of PHP

Here you’ll see what PHP is, how it works and what you can do with it.

Video 2: Installing PHP

Here you will see how to set the stage for your project. You will learn what LAMP is and how to set it up on your PC. All the steps are covered so you can download a LAMP package and set it up within a few minutes. No fluff, only the need-to-know info.

Video 3: PHP Syntax

This video gives you a quick overview of the PHP grammar and writing rules. Similar to English, PHP has certain rules of how to use words. This video will help you understand these rules and write good code.

Video 4: PHP Variables

In this video you will learn the PHP Variables that are used in dealing with changing elements on a webpage, such as Price, Product Name, Product Description and so on. Very important and easy to follow, this video will help you learn how to think like a PHP coder.

Video 5: PHP Strings

In this video you will get to know the Strings capabilities of PHP. In general, strings are elements that allow for interactive websites. For example, a string is the mechanism that prevents a zero-dollar checkout on shopping carts. So learning Strings can help you finetune the work of your website’s shopping cart.

Video 6: PHP Operators

In this video you will learn how Operators such as Adding, Subtracting, Multiplication etc work. You’ve guessed it, here is where basically you learn how to establish basic mathematical operations of, say a shopping cart, so when a buyer adds more products to the cart the total is calculated using Operators. If the cart has a Discount Code, the final price also is calculated with these Operators.

Video 7: If-Else Statements

In this video you will learn how to make basic branching, where the web application presents options that a user can pick from, and depending on the user feedback, the application or website presents one or another outcome. This mechanism is what creates product variations and prices based on variances based on eg. t-shirt size, or factor in volume discounts. This is where you learn how to check if a visitor has filled in all the needed data before continuing to checkout.

Video 8: PHP Switch

Here you’ll get to know the Switch command, which is basically an extension of the If/Else command. This will help you write better code, which in turn will mean a more responsive web site.

Video 9: PHP Arrays

In this video you’ll learn how to work with Arrays, which basically gives the web site an option of storing interconnected data such as a user name, email and password. So, using Arrays you can create login gateways for a membership site or a way for returning customers to log back in their shopping cart.

Video 10: PHP While Loops

Here you will get to know the While loop, which is basically a mechanism that allows a user to do something on the web site while a given condition is met. For example, a user can view the premium content on your website while there’s an active cookie on his browser.

Video 11: PHP FOR loops

In this video you will learn yet another way of streamlining your PHP code. The FOR loop is identical to the While loop, but it cuts out a few lines of code, making things work faster, and allows you to use more conditional actions that will improve the functionality and safety of the websites or web applications you develop.

Video 12: PHP Functions

This video goes through an essential capability of PHP, which is defining a set of operations as a group (function) that you can then use multiple times in the code. This can be a set of commands to access a database, run some strings over and over and so on. With a Function you basically create a mechanism that will enable the visitor to empty their cart, or apply a discount code, or re-calculate shipping and so on.

Video 13-15: PHP Forms

These three videos will help you understand the functionality of Forms. Forms are… well, forms. They allow you to capture visitors email addresses, you can generate a questionnaire or a voting element on your site. Forms do various functions such as dropdown menus, “fill up the blank” fields and so on.

This PHP video training set can get you from a complete newbie in PHP to a position where you have a working code within hours.




Making Login Websites Tutorial #1

In this video you’ll learn how to create a Login screen for your first membership site. Cool!

Build a PHP- Powered Content Management System #1 and 2

This video is a bomb shell! You’ll learn how to create your own content management system such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

Why would you do such a thing?

Well, most of the readily available CMS are big. Big means slow. Learning how to make your own CMS will help you get a tremendous advantage over web developers that rely on off-the-shelf solutions. The benefits are numerous: fast website, not prone to hack attacks, and of course when you build a CMS that exactly matches your client’s needs, they will have the added value of a very fast loading website, which is important for User Experience and SEO.


PHP and MySQL For Beginners ebook

PHP and MySQL for Beginners ebook

This is a 50-page book that covers the basics of PHP, and it goes even a step further, and you can learn the basics of MySQL. It sells for $27, but here you get it for free.Why is this book important?

Because PHP-powered websites are database-driven. This means that what you code in PHP is a tool that diggs out data from a database, such as text, images, comments and so on. Once the data is out of the database, the PHP tool compiles a HTML version of the website and distributes it to visitors. Very few people bother with MySQL management, so this is where you get a tremendous advantage over the competition.

To Recap:

The PHP video tutorial set is a great info that will help you get off ground zero and become familiar enough to start coding. That in itself is a huge success. Imagine that within a few days you can create your first PHP-powered website.

But this video set goes a few steps further. It will help you get started to create membership sites and you will also learn how to wrap all that coding into your own Content Management System. You can then use the CMS for your websites, give it for free with your web design, or you can even beef it up with different options (ecommerce) and sell it as a web platform. There are tons of opportunities you can pursue after you finish this course.

But this training set goes yet another step further, you get a FREE ebook: PHP and MySQL For Beginners. This book covers some more elements from PHP, and also MySQL, and you can use it as a quick reference manual when working on your web development projects.

Look at the largest businesses that sprang up over the past decade: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… they’re all software companies, and almost all of these newcomers rely on PHP. Learn PHP using this video set and you’re set for a very good position in any IT company, or you can go solo and run your own business. Either way, this very small investment will change your life!

So don’t hesitate, make the best investment in your professional development. Get this video set and start learning PHP.




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