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Building Successful Websites with WordPress

Apr 23, 2016 by     No Comments    Posted under: Web Development

Building good websites has never been so easy. But good is not good enough any more. Websites must have great looks, great functionality, they must be easy to maintain and add new content, they must be good for SEO, they must be secured against hackers… the list gets longer each day.

With so much going on, it turns out that creating successful websites in WordPress is really not all that easy. There are tons of books and tutorials, but with so much work, who has the time to read through 500-page books and go through days and days of lectures? To top it off, most of the materials will give you tons of knowledge, but almost none of them will offer a complete package that you can immediately apply on your projects.

Before we move on, please take a minute and think about this:

How much time would I spend if I went through every option WordPress has myself, through every theme and plugin available out there, and when would I ever get to create my first WordPress site?


I spent over 1000 hours, working my way around WordPress, the themes and plugins, and finally got somewhere. This is how I created this product, which contains a quick but thorough overview of WordPress, plus a Bonus Pack that will save you the 1000 hours I spent.You can literally go through these videos and have your website built today, thanks to the great bonus pack… but first things first.


This video course covers the most important elements of the WordPress arsenal of tools. There are 23 videos, each covering a different WordPress element. The videos are designed for those that want to get down to business immediately. So, the videos are short, to the point, no fluff and repetitions.

Here’s  quick rundown through the videos:


1. Installing WordPress

Believe it or not, there are still web hosting providers that don’t offer WordPress as a pre-installed option. If you’re one of the unlucky few that has such a hosting provider, this video will help you set up WordPress on your site. Or, if you want to install WordPress on a WAMPP environment on your PC, this video wil guide you through the setup and installation process, so you don’t have to learn from your mistakes.

2 The WordPress Dashboard

The Dashboard is basically the Command Center of WordPress. Learning how to get your way around the Dashboard’s functionality will be very helpful when you start actively updating content and managing your WordPress site. This video is a great way of making sure you never forget what’s where on the WordPress Dashboard.

3. How to create a WordPress post

As easy and straightforward as it is, there are still settings that you can use when creating posts. Everybody does the obvious stuff, so going the extra mile will get you ahead of the pack. This video will show you how to set up posts for publishing.

4. How to edit a WordPress post

This is one of the most used options of WordPress. You create a text, stick an image… and in a few days you realize the text isn’t as good as you thought, the formatting is a bit off, so you need to tweak it. This video will help you learn the ins and outs of editing posts.

5. WordPress Tags and Categories

This is a great WordPress feature, the ability to assign both tags and categories on a single post or page. Knowing how to use these two WordPress elements can really boost your website’s popularity with visitors and with search engines.

6. How to create Links

Sooner or later you’ll get in a position of wanting to create a link to some other sites. This video will guide you through the simple process of creating links.

7. How to create WordPress Pages

WordPress has two publishing methods, Posts and Pages. They both have different roles and you can create your website in any way you want. This video will teach you how to create Pages, so you can tweak how content is delivered to readers, and what options you want on Pages.

8. How to Manage Comments in WordPress

WordPress is a dynamic website platform, so visitors can post comments and start up a discussion with other visitors on the site. You as a host will need to make sure some rules are out on the field, and this video will help you learn how to manage the user-generated content.

9. WordPress Themes

WordPress is a database-driven website platform, which enables you to change the look and feel of the site independently of its content. In this video you will get acquainted to WordPress Themes.

10. How to Add a WordPress Theme

There are thousands of free WordPress themes accessible from WordPress Dashboard, but there are even more free themes that you can download from different sites and use them on your site. This video will teach you how to change themes on your site easily.

11. WordPress Widgets

Widgets are very useful when you want to expand the functionality of your site. They will help you set up a Seach box, an email capture form, if you run an ecommerce site you can set up a My Cart widget and so on. This video will show you how to use Widgets to make your site more user friendly.

12. WordPress Editors

If you’re into CSS and PHP, you’ll love this video. WordPress allows you to access the actual PHP and CSS files that run your website, so you can edit the way a PHP file works, directly from WordPress. Chances are you may never use this feature if you don’t want to mess with code, but I’ve found this option great to tweak the way a theme works, or how a plugin works and so on.

13. WordPress Plugins

WordPress as a platform has over 10.000 “handles” to which you can attach various functionality. And there are litteraly thousands of free and premium plugins for just about anything. If you want to have an ecommerce functionality, you install a plugin. If you want a Newsletter capability, again you install a plugin. Chances are there’s a plugin for just about anything you can do online. This video will show you how to search, manage and install plugins.

14. Tools in WordPress

This is a section that very few people use, because they don’t know what it does. In this video you’ll learn how WordPress can do importing and exporting of materials, set up RSS and so on.

15. Users Management in WordPress

If you’re a part of a team, or you want to get some extra help with your website, you’ll love this section. In this video you’ll learn the different user roles WordPress supports, and how to set up your site so new users can register on your site, as authors, contributors, administrators or just subscribers.

16. General WordPress Settings

If you want to have a special Title and Headline to your site, you’ll learn how to do it in this video. Also, this video will cover some default settings such as new user registration, date and time formatting and so on.

17. Writing Settings in WordPress

In this video you will learn how to help yourself when creating new web pages, how to set up Remote Publishing, Email Publishing… great options to know especially if you plan on publishing new material on your site often. Also, you’ll learn a cool option that is very useful for getting your site indexed by search engines very quickly, which is great for SEO.

18. Reading Settings in WordPress

Here you will learn the options WordPress offers that you can configure and fine-tune how visitors see your site and RSS data. This is especially useful if you want to pick a specific page each visitors should see whenever they visit your site, which is a great option if you have a featured product, or something on sale etc.

19. Discussion Settings in WordPress

In this video you will get to know what options WordPress offers for you to manage who and what is published on your website, who can post, how long can people comment on a text after you publish it and so on.

20. Permalinks Settings in WordPress

This video will teach you another of the SEO best practices, so that you can set up your website to have very search engine friendly URLs, as well as a few other tips that are rarely used because not too many people take the time to learn them.

21, 22 How WordPress handles Media

In these two videos you will learn some great tricks in dealing with images, videos, PDF files and audio files. Not too many people use the built-in features for media management, and in this day and time when everybody wants to have videos and images on each post and page, you will greatly benefit from these two videos

23. Neat Tricks to Improve a WordPress Website

Lastly, in this final video you will learn even more powerful features WordPress offers. Again, very few people rely on the tricks disclosed in this video, so learning how to use them will make your life easier, and will help you make a faster website because you will not rely on plugins to do what WordPress supports anyway.




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