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HP nx6110-6xxx Random Freezing Laptop Repair Manual 3rd Edition

Apr 23, 2016 by     No Comments    Posted under: Laptop Repairs

The HP nx 6110 laptop suffers from a poorly designed motherboard in the Front Side Bus controller circuitry that causes the random freezeups and sometimes even failure to boot. This repair manual will help you to repair this problem and have your HP nx6000 series laptop up and running in about an hour.


Laptops that have random freeze-ups usually manifest these symptoms:

  • laptop mouse works erratically, and sometimes stops responding without any recognizable pattern
  • laptop keyboard works intermittently, sometimes works fine for hours and sometimes freezes just minutes after booting
  • DVD unit works very slow or does not work at all (there is no optical drive registered in Windows Explorer or Control Panel)
  • USB drives, USB sticks and other USB peripherals (optical mouse, keyboard, hub, printer etc) do not work or get “unplugged” by themselves
  • laptop freezes up during the boot process at the HP startup logo


If your laptop experiences at least one of these symptoms chances are the motherboard is poorly designed and needs fixing. If you go to repair centers, the standard procedure is to replace this faulty motherboard with a new one. Unfortunately for us the end users, this repair costs at least $300 for the motherboard and labor.

I had the same problem with my HP nx 6110 that started acting up one month after the warranty expired. So I had to face the $300 repair bill, or go for a new laptop. Neither option was acceptable because I was working on my undergraduate degree so I decided to repair the laptop myself. After several months of troubleshooting the RAM, hard drive, power supply, viruses, spyware, drivers and the operating system, I finally got to the solution.

This laptop repair guide does not require ANY new hardware, and no re-installs of any kind:

  • no need of a new hard drive
  • no new of a new DVD unit
  • definitely no need of a new motherboard
  • no reinstall of Windows or drivers
  • no virus infections whatsoever


The repair process takes about an hour and there are no expenses at all. This laptop repair tutorial is a step by step guide that will help you do the repair at home, without any additional help. The repair manual has:

  • Simple and quick trick to verify the diagnosis (bad motherboard)
  • Dissasembly instructions
  • Motherboard repair instructions (no need of new parts, no resoldering of any kind)


The beauty of this repair process is that you don’t need any repair experience or any special tools. All you need to do the repair is a Torx 8 screwdriver, good will, an hour of your time, and this repair manual. By getting this repair tutorial you save a ton of money and you get to keep using your laptop for years to come. Not to mention that you’ve invested in a valuable piece of knowledge that will come in handy any time you or your friends get a laptop that randomly freezes up without any warning.

Applies to all laptop brands and models, especially the HP NX and DV series.

  • HP nx 6110,
  • HP nx 6115,
  • HP NX6120,
  • HP nx 6125,
  • HP nx 6210,
  • NX6310,
  • DV6000
  • and so on.




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