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Dell Latitude D610 Lights Flash Wont Boot: Learn how to fix the Maxim power chip issue

Nov 8, 2011 by     No Comments    Posted under: Laptop Repairs


Learn how to repair the Dell Latitude D610 laptop that only has flashing lights (leds) but cannot power up. You don’t need to reinstall anything, no need of a new motherboard or any new components. It only takes about an hour of your time.

Fix your dead non booting Dell Latitude D610

The Dell Latitude D610 is a great little laptop but as with most of the laptops from its time (produced between 2004 and 2008), the Dell suffers from this common problem of leds flashing but laptop wont power up.

The official repair for this problem is a motherboard replacement, but as this is a rather old model, it is impossible to come across a new motherboard. Buying one off ebay is an option, but chances are you’ll buy a motherboard suffering from the same problem.

When a laptop cannot turn on there are several reasons:

  • faulty power supply,
  • faulty battery,
  • faulty motherboard.

When the laptop does not turn on but the lights flash, this is a sign that there is a problem with the motherboard. Actually, the leds blink in a pattern that identifies the problem. However, these cryptic HEX codes won’t be of much help because they all point to a specific problem, eg. RAM not initiated, or LAN chip failure and so on.  These problems are actually power-related.

The laptop gets stuck in the POST diagnosis because some of the components on the motherboard don’t get power. In reality, it’s not these components that are faulty. It’s the power driver module that is integrated with the motherboard that is causing the problems.

I have repaired literally hundreds of laptops that suffer from this power driver module: Toshibas, HP, Sony, Dell, MAC… I’ve lost count. The trick is resoldering the Maxim 1987 power driver chip, located at the bottom of the motherboard, next to the docking port.

Maxim 1987 Power Driver Chip on Dell Latitude D610


The image here is from the bottom part of the motherboard. You can see a part of the docking port highlighted in a red rectangle, and the Maxim 1987 power driver chip, highlighted in a red ellipse.

This is the chip that regulates all the voltages distributed to all the other components on the motherboard. Some of the 48 pins get loosened and lose contact with the motherboard, and this causes the computer to not turn on.

When I had my Toshiba m35 non-booting laptop problem, I spent almost a year troubleshooting the motherboard (and burned one in the process) but I finally got to the bottom of things. The trick is doing a redistributive resolder of the Maxim 1987 chip.

I’ve written a fully illustrated repair manual for this resoldering technique so if you are not familiar with redistributive resolder, you can get this Maxim chip resoldering manual here.

Here’s what this manual can do for you:

  • It will help you save $150 in repair fees
  • It will help you fix your laptop
  • You will learn heavily guarded resoldering secrets

Since I first published this repair manual on my blog back in 2008, there are literally thousands of people that used this manual and saved theirlaptops. You can too.





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