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Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

Apr 23, 2016 by     No Comments    Posted under: Health and Lifestyle

Every 30 seconds, somewhere in USA, someone gets a heart attack. Every 60 second, someone dies because of high blood pressure-induced disease. One out of four deaths in USA are from heart-related deseases. From a group of 10, three Americans suffer from high blood pressure. This is a pandemic that can easily be prevented. Read on to find out how.

High Blood Pressure, also known as hypertension, is the number one killer today. Every third American has high blood pressure.

  • By the time you’re finished reading these two sentences, another American got a heart attack. According to the Center for Desease Control and Prevention (www.cdc.gov), in 2008, there were 616.000 deaths caused by heart attack.
  • By the time you’ve read through this short paragraph, someone in USA has died from a high blood pressure related disease.
  • By the time you’re done with this article, at least 10 people would have suffered from heart attack, and 5 would die.

Alarming. The good thing is that this pandemic is totally preventable if only we’d do some simple steps every day.

In our fast-paced life, hardly anyone takes the time to go through the 200+ page books on heart disease and how to avoid them. Instead of these great but demanding books, I’ve sat down and created a short Users Guide to Healthy Heart that you can read through very quickly, with plenty of how-tos and practical advice on how to prevent high blood pressure and avoid heart atacks, strokes, kidney failures etc.

My grandfather died from a heart attack. He had three sons. My dad’s the oldest one. Back in 2002 he had a quadrupole bypass surgery, after getting a heart attack. He got lucky. His younger brother also had two heart attacks, and got off with a bypass too. The youngest of them has headaches for as long as I can remember. I’m now 33, and start feeling the symptoms:

  • elevated heart rate
  • high cholesterol
  • weakness in my limbs etc.

You may say I have all the needed stimuli to take the issue of high blood pressure Very seriously. This book that I’m offering here is a result of my research and tons of conversations with medical doctors and heart surgeons. With my family history I’ve had my share of doctor consultations and pep talks to get me on the right path early in life. So, I really hope you will join me in a new, disciplined lifestyle that will help you save your life. Literally.


Here’s the Content of the book:


What is blood pressure, and why is it important?

Why does it matter?

What are the symptoms?

What damage can high blood pressure cause?

Heart attack and cardiovascular disease

Brain problems

Kidney problems

Limbs and eyes

Other problems and considerations

What causes high blood pressure

Medical treatments for hypertension


Beta blockers

Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors

Renin inhibitors

Calcium channel blockers

If these are not effective

If you hit your target…?

To sum up medical treatment for hypertension

Resistant hypertension

Lifestyle and diet

Weighty matters

Exercise is vital too

Other necessary lifestyle changes

Stress is literally killing you

Controlling blood pressure with nutrients, herbs and supplements

Trace minerals

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ)



Fish oil

Other possible herbal and home remedies for high blood pressure



Downlod the first ten pages of Reducing Blood Pressure Naturally






Remember, while you were reading this short post, there were 10 people that survived a heart attack, and 5 others that died from a heart attack. Get this book, and don’t be another statistic in the medical journals.


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