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Welcome to eBooks and Tutorials

We are a small group of Researchers, Writers, Graphic designers, IT and Marketing professionals. We all had previous careers and experiences in various fields, but we all had a single connecting point: we all had a desire to make something bigger with our lives. So, we joined forces and talents at the beginning of 2010, and this is how eBooks and Tutorials saw the light of day in August 2010.

The Vision

Our vision is to grow into a publishing, marketing and sales platform for other writers world wide. This should give many professionals a fair chance in trying their abilities as content providers. At this time, the world is full of big publishing corporations but it is very difficult to get to them, and we believe that we can find fresh ideas and get them published much faster and easier.

The Goal

Our goal is to be the link between the buyer (you) and the author (you). We do not like the current setting, where it is close to impossible to establish a personal contact with the authors of the books we all read. We want to change this. If you buy a book here, you will be able to easily get in touch with the author, ask questions, discuss ideas or suggest a project you’d like to develop with the author.

Also, if you have a desire to write on any topic, please  contact us with your proposal. We will provide guidance in your writing process, we will provide the editing, graphic design, and we will even sell it for you here on www.ebooksandtutorials.com. Of course, you get a BIG share of all the sales, and you can even participate in the marketing process.

You see, even the About Us page is not so much about us, but about YOU. We’re only here to help you get high quality fresh ideas, and also to help you share your ideas with the world. Knowledge is not free, but it can be readily available to more people. Join us in making a better world.


We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for visiting this page.